The Band


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Bits & Pieces, BMI recording artists, are Joe Haile, Len Jenkins, Rob Kaufmann, Dave Lee, and David “Nature” Nelson.

Together these talented musicians reinvented themselves borrowing from past endeavors and projects to create a new brand of rock music that is Bits & Pieces.  The band blends powerful rock chords with melodic soaring guitar licks, a punchy driving bass line, addictive drum pockets and lyrics that everyone can relate to. Collectively they all write together and play together as a strong family of five brothers from other mothers. Often self-described as “We don’t suck” and “Ear Candy”, their brand of radio friendly rock is infectiously addictive and inviting. You cannot help but to tap your foot, bob your head and just groove along with the music. They will quickly become one of your favorites ... you gotta hear this!! #bprockband  #bitsandpieces @bprockband